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Contact Info

The Godot Community forums is a professional, community run forum that is geared around the Godot game engine. The Godot Community forums is overseen by a number of amazing members of the community, who donate their time and energy to be part of forum staff. This page describes how you can contact forum staff, gives a basic guide for whom you may wish to contact.
The ways you can contact forum staff are listed below. There are several different ways to contact forum staff, depending on what your issue is and whom on forum staff you wish to contact.

For any issue you can contact TwistedTwigleg. As the owner of the Godot Community forums, TwistedTwigleg is able to handle any issues that may come up, including issues with forum staff, forum software, accounts, etc. If you are in doubt on how to contact, please do not hesitate to reach out.
You can contact TwistedTwigleg using the methods described below, or through the following email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected].

Who is on forum staff

The Godot Community forums are entirely run by volunteers who willing donate their time and energy to help with the forums. Forum staff is currently composed of the following:



Godot Community Leaders

Former Staff:

Please feel free to contact forum staff with any issues you have. Moderators can help with most issues, and admins can help with any forum-related issue you may have.

Anyone with a asterisk (*) nearby their name means they are not very active on the forums.
Another exception is anyone on the former staff list. We are extremely thankful for all of the hard work and dedication provided by former staff and so we honor them by listing them here. Former staff members listed here are no longer staff and therefore should not be messaged when you have a post/people/forum problem.

How to contact forum staff

The easiest way to contact forum staff is through the private messaging feature in Vanilla. To do this, visit the profile of the member of staff you wish to message, and click the button that says "Message" on the top right corner of their profile. From there, you can write your message using Vanilla's private messaging feature, and forum staff will respond as soon as they are able.

Another way to contact forum staff is through their email. When visiting the profile page of forum staff, there may be a field called email that is exposed. You can use this email to contact forum staff if you prefer, but please do not spam the email addresses of forum staff.

Whom should I contact?

For most issues, you can contact anyone in forum staff. Anyone in forum staff can close topics, remove topics from public view, and handle most other requests. Both moderators and admins on the forums can help you with the overwhelming majority of issues that can arise on the forums.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Enforcing forum rules
  • Dealing with users who violate forum rules
  • Moving posts to appropriate categories
  • Changing discussions to questions and vice-versa
  • Close troublesome topics
  • Editing posts
  • Censoring posts
  • Providing basic forum-software support

There are, however, a some issues that can only be handled by Admins. In addition to what is listed above, Admins can also handle the following issues:

  • Correcting invalid email addresses
  • Deleting profiles and user data
  • Handling cross-user disputes (when necessary)
  • Removing uploaded content
  • Providing forum software support
  • Changing user roles (when necessary)
  • And more!

Finally, if you have any issue with the forums at all, regardless of what the issue is or if it is mentioned above, you can always contact @TwistedTwigleg.

Please note that you can always contact anyone in forum staff and they can help you get in touch with someone in forum staff that can help you if they cannot help you themselves, so please do not hesitate to get in touch even if you are not sure whom you should be messaging.

Additionally, please note that forum staff should not be contacted for support or general discussion. This would be spam, and would be dealt with accordingly.
Please make discussions on the forums in these cases! Contacting forum staff through the above methods should be used when communicating through other mediums is not feasible or desirable due to the nature of the material being discussed. That said, if you are unsure on whether something should be brought to the attention of forum staff, please do not hesitate to get in touch! It is better to err on the side of caution and get in touch, than not mention it at all.

Thanks, and please enjoy the forums!

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