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(Pixel Artist) (2D Coding) - Duskitty

The_DuskittyThe_Duskitty Posts: 30Member
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I dunno if i should be starting this or not but hey, whatever works right?<br /><br />So basically I do pixel art, the price would vary on what i would have to do<br />I Can work mostly full time on art, i know quite a bit on the 2D side of programming in godot<br />I have a few side projects currently but they're mostly just for my own amusement<br /><br />Here's some References for what i can do, sorry if it's a bit messy<br />pSXY4QJ.pngftZCWs4.pngVuoYjoi.png0ZaaXJ1.gifS2NoF20.pngqdx35Ip.pngLm7PDTO.pngJZm5TOF.pngEEz0rD6.png3ElLxaw.png<br />CaEy6BS.png
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