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VR with Godot?

toger5toger5 Posts: 39Member
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Does anybody has any information, if there will be VR support for Godot. I think it should be possible to make some simple VR things for VR gears like the one samsung sells.<br />But will there be support for more complex systems like SteamVR (HTC Vive) with controller tracking and the Head tracking in a big area. This would be extremely awesome I think. <br />Here is some information about the Valve API, if someone is interested.<br /><br />


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    reduz recently mentioned, in IRC I believe, that he had acquired an Occulus Rift, so maybe?
  • toger5toger5 Posts: 39Member
    Oh this sounds really good...<br />do occulus and vive use the same api's. Or does godot need to have two different systems for both of them ?
  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    on 1460936821:
    <br />do occulus and vive use the same api's.<br />
    <br />I do believe the Valve API/OpenVR is going to be supporting Occulus as well. :)
  • toger5toger5 Posts: 39Member
    Nice this sounds really good.<br />I will search for more information because I'm currently very interested in this topic. Maybe I can find out what the Godot developers are planning to use for the VR implementation.
  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    I think it might be too early to jump on the VR bandwagon at the moment.<br /><br />Why?<br />
      <br /> [li]Today's VR devices will be very expensive and will require a high-end GPU to boot (limiting the audience that way)[/li]<br /> [li]The recent shipping troubles from Oculus (a number of people are already canceling their pre-orders due to warnings that their sets will take months to arrive)[/li]<br /> [li]The fragmentation of the PC ecosystem where you will have to buy all headsets to get everything VR has to offer (
    Case in point). This may end up hurting VR greatly at least in the short term.[/li]<br /> [li]VR demands the absolute best performance that is possible in code, I don't know if that would be possible in Godot unless the new 3D render engine is in place first.[/li]<br /><br /><br /><br />While it's cool stuff for sure, one might want to wait until it at least matures a bit and until a game developer knows he will have a sizable audience to sell to.
  • x1212x1212 Posts: 9Member
    Well even if VR won't be immediately that much of a success, it should still be a lot of fun creating things for it.<br />Also I don't think that Godot's renderer is that demanding, I mean depending on the scene and effects you use it can get playable framerates in HD even on a raspberry pi ... so getting from there to 90 FPS at ~2x Full HD on a desktop shouldn't be that much of a problem ... unless there is something important I'm missing right now ...<br /><br />Another point is that while there are some developers selling games made with godot there are quite a lot of those who do game development with godot just as a hobby so imho it doesn't even have to sell to anyone at all.<br /><br />Anyway even if godot won't get official VR support anytime soon, I will probably at least try to hack it in there myself, depending of how much spare time I have.
  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    on 1461179252:
    <br />unless there is something important I'm missing right now ...<br />
    <br /><br />One potential 'issue' that comes to mind is that for good experience with VR you need a wide FOV(135+) and godot sadly limits you to 90 decrees only. :/
  • landon912landon912 Posts: 2Member
    on 1460926590:
    <br />Does anybody has any information, if there will be VR support for Godot.
    <br /><br />It's mentioned in the 2.1 changelog that 3.0 will include work on VR.<br /><br />
    Meanwhile, work on Godot 3.0 is starting already (expected in 6/7 months from now), and will include a new reworked, modern renderer with support for Physically Based Shading, improved shader language, VR, and many other nice things, as well as a greatly improved HTML5 export platform with WebAssembly support.
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