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IDE for developing on Windows?

Ray KoopaRay Koopa Posts: 3Member
edited August 2016 in Programming
Hey there!<br /><br />I want to try to fix some smaller bugs in Godot myself, trying to get into the code and helping out a little later on if possible and finding the time.<br /><br />I used Visual Studio for developing C++ applications on Windows until now, but I wonder what most team members use for developing Godot on Windows.<br /><br />I already tried generating an sln solution file for VS with scons, and set up the project correctly to build it and debug it somehow, but IMHO VS still sucks a little comfortability-wise for C++ projects; e.g., I can't even define custom syntax styling guidelines just for a single project.

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  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member
    If VS isnt for you, maybe you can try CLion:<br /><br />I haven't used it myself, but generally JetBrain's IDEs are great crossplatform alternatives.
  • ZylannZylann Posts: 31Member
    Visual Studio Community edition is the best on Windows IMO, mostly because of IntelliSense and the debugger. And it's free.<br /><br />There is also QtCreator, which is quite a good FOSS alternative.<br /><br />
    I can't even define custom syntax styling guidelines just for a single project.
    <br />You mean you want some options to be project-specific and not global? What do you need? Maybe I can help :)<br />
  • Ray KoopaRay Koopa Posts: 3Member
    By now, for some quick compiling of the current source, I use VS again; I mostly found it complicated to set up for compiling it at first, until I found out scons can create me an SLN =D
  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 376Admin Godot Developer
    Last time I heard, Godot developers use Qt Creator, which you can download for Windows from here. Version 4.0 was recently released, with flat and dark themes now being available.
  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member
    Also worth noting, VS Code also now features a new extension that aids c++ development inside the editor. And its pretty lightweight program all in all.<br />The extension:<br /><br />I've never used it for that, but there was a ms blog post about it a while back, it looks interesting.
  • DredokDredok Posts: 11Member
    VS is way better than QtCreator, hands down.<br />if you can afford VisualAssist is really delightful to develop with VisualStudio :-)

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