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Convert gdscript to C++

GokudomaticGokudomatic Posts: 70Member
edited August 2016 in Programming
How hard would it be to convert a node with a script to a new native node?<br />I have little knowledge in C (but I'm very comfortable with java-like languages) and I don't plan to write special plugins for the engine. It's only a matter of making a script faster and easier to use (new node). Do the conversion need extended C++ knowledge and diving in the source code first?

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  • AkienAkien Posts: 70Member Godot Leader
    To create a new native node via C++, you'd have to create a C++ module and build it together with the engine. There is some official documentation on how to do it, as well as some open source examples you could use as a reference (there are more than those ones, looks like awesome-godot is not fully up-to-date with recent additions).<br /><br />You don't need to be a C++ guru to write a module, though having a basic understanding of the engine's architecture might be useful. Basically it works quite similarly to GDScript, but it's a bit more abstract in C++ :)
  • GokudomaticGokudomatic Posts: 70Member
    Sorry, I forgot to answer.<br /><br />Thanks for your reply, Akien.

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