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How can i interupt a Path2D, for example to talk with a patroling NPC ?

TcheyTchey Posts: 52Member


I have more questions for my "game" (topdown view, adventure game)

---- Path2DFollow
------ NPC (as a KinematicBody2D, instanced) + Script

The NPC also has an Area2D to print text on screen when collision with player.

The script for NPC :

extends KinematicBody2D

func _ready():

func _fixed_process(delta):
   get_parent().set_offset(get_parent().get_offset() + (20*delta))

The script for Aera2D :

extends Area2D

func _on_Area2D_body_enter( body ):
    var textEvent = get_node("/root/Univers/GUI/BoxEvent/EventLog")
    textEvent.add_text("Hello ! ")
    print ("Encounter !")

So the NPC simply follow its path, forever, and when te player moves to the NPC, the text says Hello... All is working so far.

I'd like to make the NPC to stop moving when meeting the player, and move again when the player moves away. I managed to destroy the NPC on collision, but that was a mistake, i swear...

Where to start ?

Thanks for reading.


  • indicainkwellindicainkwell Posts: 13Member

    One way you could do this is by having a switch variable called like is_npc_in_encounter that you switch on and off in the area2D's body enter and body exit signals.

    Then in your fixed_process you can check it with:

    if not is_npc_in_encounter:
        get_parent().set_offset(get_parent().get_offset() + (20*delta))

    Tip! You can have your npc look at your player with the Node2D.look_at() method.

    Hope this helps

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