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What to post and how to post it

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What to post

This is an art category for any form of art(music, drawing, 2d, 3d, modelling, you name it), you can post links to your works or your works proper. You can talk about learning art, game design or anything related, it's meant to be a very open ended Artist Hub.
Take notice that GD forums is not responsible for any links leading to third party websites.
Remember to post resources for use in Godot in the resources category, so people can easily find it.

How to post it

If posting your artwork bear in mind the size of the file you are uploading. The server has a file limit of about 1mb per file, which may not be enough for your works, image hosting services however don't so you should look into using those.
Also, the built-in upload system sometimes ruins alpha and doesn't support animated gifs properly.

We have imgur integrated through the add Images button, alternatively you can use your own service and paste a direct link through the file Icon-> img url interface.

If you want your post to expose a thumbnail, please use a direct link to the image. Remember, the first image link found will be added as a thumbnail.


  • As in any category, use Tags instead of tittle posts like W.I.P or whatnot, the tags are there to help you.
  • Any shader posts should probably go in the shader category, but if it is about FX demo you can post here, it's really up to you, use you common sense.
  • Also, if posting any finished effect, that may be used with Godot, please consider posting in the Resources section and optionally linking back to discuss the making of it. Again, use your common sense.
  • Please use constructive criticism when users ask for an opinion on their works.
  • If have any comments on the category it's self or anything forum related please post it in the forum chat category, there is already a post about this.
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