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Evaluating the possibility of using godot for a slot machine game.

kevinyayakevinyaya Posts: 1Member

Hi there, I am currently evaluating which game engine to use for creating a slot machine game. I tried haxe+luxe, cocos2d-x but I want to try Godot. I read most of the documentation today and played around with the UI a bit. Before going deeper down the rabbit hole, I wanted to ask the difficulty level for the different bits and pieces to construct my game. Here are the key things my game needs to be able to do:

1/ Retrieve a game configuration from a game server. This will tell the game which symbol orders the different reels are composed of, etc. Based on that, create N reels in a delimited space in the viewport, with X symbols visible (for example, 5 reels 3 symbols each). I started to look at the HttpClient class so retrieving data from the server at start time, and every time the user presses play, and keep a global state object in a top level script are things that I know godot can handle.

2/ Game logic: the user presses play, the reels start spinning, a request is made to the server, a stop position is received, and when the user presses the button or when a certain time has elapsed, the reels are moved to the winning position. This is generally achieved by "cheating", i.e. moving the reel just before the 3 winning symbols at a given time x and just finish the animation. The speed of the reels, the time to stop, etc need to be configurable.

3/ Modular bonuses: the server will provide the winning state of the game. This is composed of a win state, but also which bonuses need to happen. Each bonus can be more or less complicated (mini-game, just an animation, some sprites appearing and the user is asked to pick a winning symbol, etc). This needs to be easy to achieve.

4/ When the user has winning lines, we need to animate the drawing of polygonal lines over the winning symbols. There can be multiple winning lines.

I found out that all these points are more or less difficult given the engine you use. I was wondering how hard all these are in godot before starting to experiment.
So if anyone has any opinion about how hard all these would be to achieve with godot, I'm all ears! Any feedback appreciated


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