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List of forum staff (for when you need help)

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Hi there, this is a list of people who help keep the forum together, you can message them if you need any help.





Godot Community Leaders


Former Staff:


There are a few exceptions:

Anyone with a asterisk (*) nearby their name means they are not very active on the forums.
Another exception is anyone on the former staff list. We are extremely thankful for all of the hard work and dedication provided by former staff and so we honor them by listing them here. Former staff members listed here are no longer staff and therefore should not be messaged when you have a post/people/forum problem.

So if you have a post/people/forum problem, you can message one of the mods and/or admins. If you have a bigger issue and no one is responding to messaging, you can send send an email to one of the admins. You can find the email for most of the staff on their profile pages. If nothing works, and no one responds, posting in the forum chat section might do the trick.

Hope this is helpful. :smile:


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    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. :smiley:

    Sorry, couldn't help but make the reference.

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    Ways to contact forum staff

    Within the forums

    If you are a new user and need help with the forums, one of the best ways to get help is to post at this topic. It is setup so any users, verified or not, can post. Posting there allows anyone on the forum staff to see your post and help.

    Note: users who have not been verified will still have to have their posts go through moderation.

    You can private message any of the forum staff here by going to their profile and pressing the “message” button located near the top right or by making a new private message and entering the name of the user.

    Outside of the forums

    If for some reason you cannot contact staff using the forums, alternate account(s) are listed below:

    Please do NOT spam/troll any of the account(s) listed above. They are listed so if you need help and for whatever reason cannot use one of the methods listed above. Any spamming/trolling behavior will be dealt with accordingly.

    If you have any problems, please let us know! Ideally through the forums if possible, but please do not hesitate to contract us through other means if necessary.

    If you have a problem and are unsure on who to contact, feel free to contact me, TwistedTwigleg. I am responsible for the hosting and upkeep of the forums. I will do my best to respond once I am able and help as best I can.


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