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Curved World Shader (code included)

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The Animal Crossing Shader has an article on how to do it online by someone named Alastair.

I had never done anything with shaders before, but I wanted to give this a shot after seeing it in Four Warriors of Light, so here is his code in a manner that works for me in Godot:

If anyone was a noob like me, notice that in order for whatever code to take effect on the desired built-in, you need to set that built in to your manipulated variable, as in the last line VERTEX = v;

Also, it took forever for me to find this link, so here it is:

float curve = -.001;
vec3 v = VERTEX;
mat4 wv = WORLD_MATRIX;

//v*= vec3(1,1,1);

vec4 vv = mv * vec4(v,0.0);

vv -= cv.x;
vv -= cv.y;
vv -= cv.z;

vv = vec4(0.0,pow(vv.z,2)*curve,0.0,0.0);
vec3 vvp =;



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