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Creating a game with Godot Engine - Ep.1 - Introduction

braindeadbzhbraindeadbzh Posts: 2Member

Hi all,

I'm pretty happy to join the Godot Dev Forum.
For those who are not aware of, I have a tutorial series on Godot available here. If you need more information or clarification about a particular topic present in the tutorial, you may use this thread, but I strongly recommend using the comment section at the bottom of the concerned article.



  • cowhand214cowhand214 Posts: 16Member

    I look forward to spending some time with this. I'm currently working my way through a different set of tutorials and am trying to resist the temptation to wander off in this new direction. However, this looks very interesting and I hope to get a chance to take a closer look next week.

    Thank you for sharing,

  • braindeadbzhbraindeadbzh Posts: 2Member

    Hope it can help you cowhand214.

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