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Arcade inspired FPS

KalahertyKalaherty Posts: 5Member

I recently decided to try and make a game in Godot, so here is what I have so far:

I still have a lot to do and I wouldn't even call it a "game" yet.
It's sort of going to be a FPS inspired by Robotron.

I'm enjoying the engine so far. :smile:

Tools used:
Godot engine 2.1.4


  • NeoDNeoD Posts: 179Member

    Does the green number displays the framerate?

  • KalahertyKalaherty Posts: 5Member

    @NeoD said:
    Does the green number displays the framerate?

    Thankfully it doesn't... It runs smoothly, I just need to set up my recording software better...
    It's the life display for now.

  • NeoDNeoD Posts: 179Member

    I'm happy to hear that. Keep up the good work.

  • bionic-yetibionic-yeti Posts: 10Member

    Those face and hand guys are creepy :wink: Looking forward to watching your progress.

  • KalahertyKalaherty Posts: 5Member

    @bionic-yeti : Thanks :smile: The heads with arms were actually my first attempt at baking a high poly model onto a low poly model and using IK animation.
    I've been working on the game, but it's mainly been working on assets... I've been a bit stuck on the soundtrack, but I think I'm sort of figuring it out. I've also been trying to write options and extra input code to make it playable on Android devices.
    Hopefully I'll post some updates soon.

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