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Color Clutter (Speech to Text module demo)

SamuraiSigmaSamuraiSigma Posts: 6Member
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Hello, fellow Godot developers.

Color Clutter is a small game that I've made on Godot 2.1.3 to test my Speech to Text module.

The rules are simple:

  • The player must say the color that correctly answers what the upper left corner word requests (background, fill or word).
  • Try to score as many correct guesses as possible within one minute!

A typical screen of the game consists in:

The upper left corner requests background, so the user must say blue to advance. Sounds simple? Well, yes it is, but trying to aim for a high score can truly... Clutter the mind. :wink:

The only requirement to play is a microphone connected to the system (in case of more than one, it uses the default microphone). Currently, the game is only available for Unix and Windows systems, since these are the platforms that Speech to Text currently works on.

Download Links

I've made an other forum discussion about the Speech to Text module here. Check it out if you're interested!

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