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Totally Lost; Maze game prototype (3D game in Godot 3.x)

Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
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Download link Windows

Download link Linux

Builds done using Godot 3.1 1 official

This is a thread about a maze game in the mold of the little known DOS title known as Get Lost (video below). This is different from many other games in the genre as there are usually no walls, and completing the level may involve more than just finding the end.

In this demo, there are 16 levels where you either just head for the exit or perform a certain task. Each level has a secret hidden within that you can find as well. Find enough secrets and you start unlocking bonus levels with 5 secrets each.

Controls are given to you in the game, so read the instructions as they come up.

Now the video of its inspiration

More images...

Enjoy :)

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  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited March 2019

    Here's a sneak peak of what the beginning of the game is going to be like

    Unlike the DOS game, you will actually journey to the elevator where the level select will be (passing signs along the way that tell you the fundamentals regarding gameplay and what to expect.

    Once you enter the building, you will approach the elevator and see the level select in the control panel. Then, the doors will close and a description of the level will be presented, and finally you will enter the level by pressing 'Enter'.

    Also, in case you're wondering, I'm aware of the issue where it might be tricky to get past the top of the ramps, this will be fixed in the next revision.

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    New version uploaded.
    1. Hub Level; You will be introduced to the game as you make your way to the elevator
    2. Significantly improved the code that keeps you from falling off the path (many cases that failed now work)
    3. Completing the first level will now take you back to the Hub, placing you in the building
    4. Much better particle effect for the 'secret'.
    5. Tweaked draw distance and mist

    Currently, you can only do the first level over and over again, next version should have at least two levels and rudimentary level select working.

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    New version uploaded
    1. Two more levels
    2. Working level select and level unlocking
    3. Level select also keeps track of whether a level's secret has been found
    4. Further improvements on the anti-fall system, more robust and much smoother
    5. New sound effects
    6. A timer present while in the levels
    7. Improved secret particle effect
    8. Graphics upgrade for the hub level
    9. The 'Panic' feature is complete
    10. Improved panoramic sky texture

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Version 1.06 uploaded.
    1. One more level; This new one debuts a type of goal-oriented level where you have to do something to pass (ie. not a full maze).
    2. Further tweaking of the anti-fall code, it shouldn't fail near as often now (though it's still not perfect).
    3. The new level also brings a new bit of UI with it (you change squares in the new level, it shows you how many more you need to change).

    So far, my ideas for future versions would have the next bunch of levels bring teleporters, invisible paths, and 'enemies' that don't make you lose (but just send you to a previous location in the level, remember you shouldn't be able to actually lose in the level).

  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member

    hmm, can't load it up. it doesn't have project.godot file, instead of something called project.binary, but that doesn't seem to work.


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    @basse said:
    hmm, can't load it up. it doesn't have project.godot file, instead of something called project.binary, but that doesn't seem to work.


    Apparently, Godot 3.0's built-in archive creator can't spit out a working project yet. Now I zipped things up manually so you should get the correct project file.

  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member

    ok, couple of things:
    atleast it can be opened now... but, zip doesn't have any of the background music ogg files.
    also on
    199 styleActiveSelected = preload('res://ButtonOutline_Selected.tres')
    200 styleSecretSelected = preload('res://ButtonOutline_SF_Selected.tres')

    these lines had typo (lowercase s in selected) so they couldn't be loaded.

    as for the game... now that I got it running. you might want to concider changing the controls to regular wasd + mouselook kind of thing.. because as it is, it feels weird. turning is slow, and requires mouse button to be pressed when looking around, and still you can't look up and down? feels very unresponsive.

    oh. and I did fall couple of times :)


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Fixed the typos and re-uploaded. This time, I noticed that the binary packing kept the control scheme intact so I re-uploaded in the form of a Win64 executable (the sounds should be there as well).

    As for the question, the reason why there's no mouselook is because the original Get Lost game did not allow you to look up and down in any direction (though this game does have a couple of keys for a quick down and up / up and down motion of the camera). The rationale for the mouse-based turning meanwhile is that some levels will have paths going in all directions and I want to make the turning part super smooth.

  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member

    I understand if you want to make it as much as the original. it's just quirky to do mouselook like that nowadays... so it kind of feels like you are not in control.

    i try to see if I can run the later binaries, I'm on linux but maybe it's possible to replace the executable.


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    To note, I just tried to export a binary for Linux 64bit (using the Linux template from that daily builds site). Unfortunately, I got an error mentioning a missing or corrupt template (even though everything was there).

    So right now, I can't upload anything for Linux users, sorry.

  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member

    ok, it works, just copy the godot (linux) executable on the same folder, rename and thats it.

    nice work so far, keep going. but man, even if you want to keep the up/down look restricted, thats fine, but make it a bit tighter, its way too sloppy now.. also, holding down mousebutton is not nice.. so Input.set_mouse_mode(Input.MOUSE_MODE_CAPTURED) would fix that I think.


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited February 2018

    Hello again, it's been a while (been doing a lot of revisits of older artwork and making new things in Blender Cycles).

    A new version has finally been uploaded

    1. More intuitive controls - holding the mouse button is no longer needed to look, you can also do a quick mouse movement up or down to activate looking up and down.
    2. Level 5 is done, this level is all about teleporters
    3. Progress is now saved if you quit the game, re-opening the game will instantly take you to the level select area with more than just the first level being selectable (the save/load is loosely based on the JSON saving tutorial in the Godot manual, but without the fancy tree-building stuff).

    One known issue is that the mouse turning is a little jerky, I'm not sure how that happened as it didn't exist in earlier versions. I will need to work on making it smoother.

    Enjoy (once again) :)

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited March 2018

    New version

    1. Smoother (horizontal) mouselook (not perfect yet)
    2. Level 6 is done (the introduction of invisible paths)
    3. Base for the mechanic where a wall drops (in the hub world once enough secrets are found) and allows access to the bonus elevator (no bonus levels yet though).
    4. The firework effect when a secret is found can now be seen regardless of which direction it is approach from.
    5. Now the game's in the form of separate compiled executables for Windows and Linux (hope it works).
  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    New version (larger changes than usual)

    1. Bonus elevator and level, a wall will come down if 5 of the main levels have had their secrets found. The bonus level has 5 secrets to find and multiple points of exit.
    2. Level 7 is done, you have to hit three colored squares in the correct order and complete the mini-mazes they take you to. You will get punished though if you try to do it out of order or do the same maze twice (but it's not a game over or level restart).
    3. The level select GUI is now shadeless (makes it easier to see which levels had their secrets found).
    4. You can now quit mid-level by pressing 'Q' (but you find a secret, the game won't keep the 'found' status).
    5. A happier sound for when a level is completed
    6. Various fixes
  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited March 2018

    New version (again)

    1. The 8th level, this one has 'enemies' that you have to walk into or let them come to you. They change appearance when you hit them and cause you to teleport to the start, convert them all to pass (and after you hit them, you need to avoid them less you go back to the start).
    2. Heavy tweaks and some rewriting of the movement system, the player object is now a rotation-restricted rigid body (this means baby smooth mouselook, a more bullet-proof anti-fall system, and the actual implementation of the run key).
    3. A simple menu that allows you to select between a new game and continuing your current game (this would be the new main menu that you now get before the hub level).

    I also updated the first post with more screens.

  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member
    edited March 2018

    ./Totally\ Lost\ Demo\ V1-10-1.x86_64
    Error: Could not load game path '.'.

    doesn't launch...?

    are you sure the datapack is in the executable?

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    I wasn't sure if I needed the generated .pck file or not.

    Turns out I do, I re-uploaded with the required files now.

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    New update
    1. Fixed a serious goof that prevented the use of the 'Enter' key to start the process of entering a level
    2. Level 9 has been added

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    New update;
    1. Level 10 has been added along with the second bonus level
    2. The second bonus level becomes selectable when 10 secrets are found, an urban-themed one with many areas to look
    3. Started compartmentalizing the code a bit more by dividing a lot into functions (much like with the Collect the Gems reboot). This should hopefully lead to better code in the future (and even now).

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Hey, this project is not dead by the way. Check out the WIP shot from the editor.

    I've been doing rendering tasks in Blender so I didn't have any room for game development. So far, I have made liberal use of the new optional GDscript typing (all variables) and implements better use of exports for the selection UI by the elevator (meaning more varied text colors and easier development for me).

    However, a version with this level will not be uploaded this week or next week due to being away from my PC. I can tell you that nothing within Godot itself has seriously hindered progress.

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited August 2018

    I am back, and here is a new update.

    1. Level 11 done
    2. Fixed download links pointing to the wrong game (how the heck did that happen) :open_mouth:
    3. Slight improvement to the anti-falling system
    4. The level selection is again a single column, if you press the up arrow when at the top of the list, another group of levels appear
    5. RichTextLabel is now the tool of choice for level descriptions (meaning multi-colored text).
    6. Larger text in the hub level

    The new builds of Godot did introduce a minor issue with jittery movement in a few spots, I'm hoping a fix will come in soon.

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Version 0.17

    1. 2 new levels, discover the lucky path and get the streetlights turned on.
    2. Resolved a couple of sloppy oversights based on how I set the levels to work.
    3. A fix or two
  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member

    ok, nice to see this progressing.
    couple of hickups I ran into:

    • up/down mouse movement is broken. usually it doesn't move at all, or if it does, it jumps into far position, and it's hard to straighten it back.
    • the elevator-room is very laggy..
    • couple of times, on a pathway, the character started jittering up/down, almost like it would be stuck somehow on the path.


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited September 2018

    Hi, I can't reproduce the stuck mouse movement on my end when playing through the editor. Could it be system related?

    The jittering is annoying for sure, but the issue tracker shows this is a current bug with Godot 3.1 alpha. I tried some tweaks but there's no real way to work around it short of perhaps using box colliders everywhere (which will take a long time). This will have to wait for a fix from Andrea Catania or another dev. who knows how to work with Bullet. I know I can switch the engine to Godot physics, but it breaks the anti-fall code.

    As for the lag, I did just upload a new version that overhauls the main menu with a selector square and a settings area (where you can disable the GI probes in the Hub Level as well as the anti-aliasing for the whole game). Press 'enter' to work the toggles.

  • bassebasse Posts: 20Member

    Hi, I can't reproduce the stuck mouse movement on my end when playing through the editor. Could it be system related?

    could be, I'm on Kubuntu 18.04.
    sideways movement is working fine, but up/down is sort of stuck, sometimes it jumps to extremes, and then stays there.. then when I'm climbing on platform, it might orientate itself back to normal.. what kind of system you are using for mouselook?


  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Version 0.17.5.

    Nothing new, but the fact they were exported with the Oct 8 Godot nightly should mean the death of any jittering issues when walking on some surfaces (the bug was bad enough that it just had to be done).

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    Guess what the mechanic for this level will be?

    This game isn't dead, but I can only work on one game at a time, and I can't do it while Blender images are rendering.

    A hint, the ball is mobile, but you still can't "lose" if it falls out of the level.

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member
    edited March 2019

    After a long period with Collect the Gems, I gave this project a new update.

    1. -Level 15 and the third bonus level are now completed.
    2. -Did a bit of work on the code for the UI at the bonus elevator, selection and such should now work properly
    3. -Slowed the walking speed a little bit so it matches the target pace as established by the original demo builds.
    4. -A new piece of background music, one track used for normal levels was supposed to be for bonus levels only.


    1. -Groundwork was done so best times in the level can be saved and written to the save file, a new piece of UI will be done to show the best time of any given level (or 0 : 00 if the level was never completed).
  • AlexandrosKapAlexandrosKap Posts: 22Member

    It's nice seeing that this project is still alive :smile: (insert Shia LaBeouf "Just do it!" meme here)

  • Ace_DragonAce_Dragon Posts: 323Member

    @AlexandrosKap said:
    It's nice seeing that this project is still alive :smile: (insert Shia LaBeouf "Just do it!" meme here)

    Well, dividing time between this, the other project, and Blender art can lead to long pauses in projects.

    In the case of both these projects, the Godot engine is handling them easily :)

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