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Batty Bat

wetechwetech Posts: 17Member

Batty Bat is a GoDot v2.14 project for my portfolio. The game is based on stories I used to make up about a batty bat, that I told my kids. I created Batty Bat to learn the Godot development platform. It is my first Godot project. The images were acquired from Pixabay and were modified for the game. (CC no attribution) The font used (Fancy Cartoon) is free from DaFont (CC no attribution) I modified the images to create backgrounds and animations. I am currently working on a Godot v3 port of Batty Bat that includes more animations, health-bar, new enemies, scrolling background, basic enemy AI etc. The Linux and Android versions were to test the multi-platform publishing. The Android version has a touch interface on right side of screen.

Please let me know what you think in comments

Windows Version Here

2D, Arcade style, Multi-Platform (Windows, Linux, Android), Action Game
Fly your bat around using arrow keys or WASD keys eating mosquitos to score points.
Eat all mosquitos before the timer runs out and you will level up.
Avoid the spiders as you will lose 5 points if you eat them.
A negative score or the timer running out will end the game.

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  • rjoshuarjoshua Posts: 37Member

    Ha ha! I just play your game, but, because I set it to hard mode, I lose. :( . The game, in my opinion is good. However, I note some issues, for example, I saw that the mosquitos appears above some spiders, I think that is an error.
    In any case, was fun!

  • wetechwetech Posts: 17Member

    Mosquitos and Spiders do spawn on top of each other, as it forces the player to either wait for the spiders to disappear or take the loss to their points. In my Godot v3 version I am working on, I added a health bar for Batty and instead of losing points you lose health which is persistent across levels. Playing on hard level you might have a spider that wont disappear, so you would have to lose some points to eat the mosquito. Glad you thought it was fun... I'll be posting my Godot v3 version when v3 goes stable. I have most of it working now and am adding more functionality to it. This allows me to test new features and learn more about Dev platform.

  • rjoshuarjoshua Posts: 37Member

    Oh I see, I was wrong. what you say now sounds interesting. I'll be waiting for your next version 3.

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