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Procedural animation on models via input

vellisvellis Posts: 14Member

So, I've been trying to customize the standard character controller to match the procedural animation technique by Wolfire Games as shown here:

I've been applying a small rotation to the hip bone based on the key that is being pressed: W, A, S or D. However, it's not as smooth as that. The rotation is very abrupt and doesn't sway to the direction. Does anyone know how to do this, technically? It is really a hip bone rotation?

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  • originaltenkaoriginaltenka Posts: 7Member

    Try animation blending

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 2,561Admin

    Looking at the first supplied video, it looks like they are using some form of IK and that is driving the majority of the animations. Unfortunately Godot does not provide any IK support currently, though it is possible to write your own IK setup using GDScript.

    In the second video it looks like they are using animation blending and IK stuff for placing the feet. It looks like what they did is make a animation for moving forward and moving sideways and then blended them together based on which direction the player is moving in.

    Personally I would suggest making two animations, one for walking forward and another for walking sideways, and then blending them as needed. I personally don’t know how to blend animations in Godot, but it is possible if this tweet is any indicator. For moving from forwards to backwards you could make a rotation animation and blend that with the forward movement animation, or just rotate the player as the walking animation plays.

    Using an IK system is also possible, but may be much harder as there is currently no IK support, so you’d have to write your own (I’m have my own IK system and it only sorta works)

  • MagicLordMagicLord Posts: 578Unconfirmed
    edited February 2018

    Procedural animation is a cool alternative, creating few keyframes in the editor and it would generate automatically intermediate animations. This would be a huge time saver to be able to animate in the editor, and a huge benefit for users that don't know a lot about animation.
    More on this video

  • vellisvellis Posts: 14Member

    Bumping this for Godot 3.

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