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Batty Bat

wetechwetech Posts: 17Member
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Batty Bat is a GoDot v3.0 project for my portfolio. It was ported from the same version I made for Godot v2.14. The game is based on stories I used to make up about a batty bat, that I told my kids. I created Batty Bat to learn the Godot development platform. It is my first Godot project. The images were acquired from Pixabay and were modified for the game. (CC no attribution) The font used (Fancy Cartoon) is free from DaFont (CC no attribution) I modified the images to create backgrounds and animations. The Godot v3.0 port of Batty Bat includes more animations, health-bar, new enemies, basic enemy AI, Virtual Analog Joy Stick etc. The virtual analog joy stick was adapted from Godot v2 code and modified to work with 2D projects. Credits go out to (Jakub Grzesik) ( for the analog stick code I modified.

Please let me know what you think in comments

Windows Version Here

2D, Arcade style, Multi-Platform (Windows, Android), Action Game
Fly your bat around using arrow or WASD keys or mouse eating mosquitos to score points.
Eat all mosquitos before the timer runs out and you will level up.
Avoid the spiders and hornets or lose your health.
A timer running out or depleted health bar will end the game.

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  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Member

    Nice project @wetech :)

    Could you please use tags to help indexing your topic? Something like (Windows, Android, Released, WIP, etc)?

  • wetechwetech Posts: 17Member
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    Sorry, was in rush to post game and forgot TAGS. Was trying to coincide Batty Bat (Godot v3.0) with release of stable version. Thanks for the catch. Added Tags... Also changed title to not include (Godot v3.0)

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