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How to mix animations? (3d, skeleton, 2 anim_players)

TorttortTorttort Posts: 22Member

How to make a smooth blending of animations? Provided that the animations are in different animation_players of one character.
Example: in one player there are animations for all bones (walking, running ... etc.), in the second player there are animations for the bones of one hand (the left hand holds a torch, etc.).


  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 376Admin Godot Developer
    edited February 2018

    I think you should use AnimationTreePlayer for this, as demonstrated in the Platformer 3D demo.

  • TorttortTorttort Posts: 22Member

    I used an AnimationTreePlayer in one of the projects. It is not possible to get the current animation frame. And for large projects it is not good, if there are 100> animations.

  • vellisvellis Posts: 14Member

    Why isn't it good? Could you elaborate?

  • TorttortTorttort Posts: 22Member

    Example: there are fewer than 40 animations, a small project. With a lot of animations there will be porridge.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    edited February 2018

    The issue in usability terms with animationNodeTree similar to shaderGraph from godot 2.x is that we don't have a way to group nodes. I'll see if theres a feature request for that already on github, if not should probably make one and ask for it to be a target for 3.1, especially since shaderGraph is supposed to make a comeback in 3.1, too.

    There's this request for shaderGraph:

    And there's this for Visual Scripting:

    So would probably make sense to make a unified proposal for for all three graph based interfaces to include a grouping function. Would have to write up something comprehensive though. Need to think about this.

  • TorttortTorttort Posts: 22Member

    About mixing for different players. I try to make interpolation by script, but animation overrides the application of the position.

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