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Navmesh with RigidBody

MagicLordMagicLord Posts: 578Unconfirmed
edited February 2018 in 3D

Hi there,

I made a new version using RigidBody for each navmesh moving entities.

So you get some sort of characters avoidance because each rigibody will collide with others.

Download demo

Move player ball with with Z,S,Q,D keys
Press Space to get navmesh character move to player position

The code has been rewritten.
Some additions are possible, smooth mesh rotation towards the direction movement, deceleration.

extends RigidBody

const SPEED = 3.8;

var maxVelocity = 4.3; 

var path = [];

# Store player node to get it's position
var player;

#Navigation node able to calculate path
var navComponent ; 

#Switch navigation move 
var navMeshMove = false; 

var maxPathIndex = 0; 

func _ready():
    player = get_tree().get_root().get_node("level").find_node("Player");   
    navComponent = get_tree().get_root().get_node("level").find_node("NavigationLevel");
    navMeshMove = false;

func _process(delta):

    #If path has been requested must call move along calculated path function

func _input(event):


        #Request path from Navigation node
        path = navComponent.getPath(self.transform.origin,player.transform.origin); 

        #Path has been requested, move along path
        navMeshMove = true;

        maxPathIndex = path.size() - 1; 

func navMeshMove(delta): 

    var nextPos = path[maxPathIndex];   

    var dir = (nextPos - transform.origin).normalized() * SPEED;    

    if linear_velocity.length() < maxVelocity :
        apply_impulse(Vector3(0,0,0), dir);

    #global_transform.looking_at(nextPos, Vector3(0, 1, 0));

    var distanceToPoint = transform.origin.distance_to(nextPos);     

    if distanceToPoint < 3:

        maxPathIndex -= 1;      
        if maxPathIndex < 0 :
            navMeshMove = false; 

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