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iOS minimal build size

jenqoojenqoo Posts: 3Member
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Is there a way to bring the executable binary size down to just a few megabytes for an empty app? I already stripped almost all modules off but the resulting libgodot.iphone.release.fat.a file is 61MB and my empty iOS app comes out at 24.5 MB (the pck file is only 22kb). Here's how I compile custom application binaries:

$ scons p=iphone arch=arm64 target=release tools=no deprecated=no minizip=no xaudio2=no disable_3d=yes disable_advanced_gui=yes debug_symbols=no separate_debug_symbols=no game_center=no store_kit=no icloud=no ios_exceptions=no module_bullet_enabled=no module_dds_enabled=no module_enet_enabled=no module_etc_enabled=no module_gdnative_enabled=no module_gridmap_enabled=no module_hdr_enabled=no module_mobile_vr_enabled=no module_mono_enabled=no module_openssl_enabled=no module_opus_enabled=no module_pvr_enabled=no module_recast_enabled=no module_regex_enabled=no module_squish_enabled=no module_tga_enabled=no module_thekla_unwrap_enabled=no module_theora_enabled=no module_tinyexr_enabled=no module_visual_script_enabled=no module_vorbis_enabled=no module_webm_enabled=no builtin_bullet=no builtin_enet=no builtin_freetype=yes builtin_libogg=no builtin_libpng=yes builtin_libtheora=no builtin_libvorbis=no builtin_libvpx=no builtin_libwebp=no builtin_openssl=no builtin_opus=no builtin_pcre2=no builtin_recast=no builtin_squish=yes builtin_thekla_atlas=no builtin_zlib=yes builtin_zstd=yes no_editor_splash=yes module_freetype_enabled=yes module_gdscript_enabled=yes module_jpg_enabled=no module_ogg_enabled=no module_stb_vorbis_enabled=no module_svg_enabled=no module_webp_enabled=no optimize=size

24.5MB is a lot of space for an empty app and it's a lot of real estate already taken if one tries to build a game under 100MB. Thanks for help

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