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curiosity' killing me (skippable)

tomarlo4tomarlo4 Posts: 6Member
edited August 2018 in Programming

so..- i wont wait for answers about this cause, this is outdated and i respect decisions of ignore things like dat

for curiosity, i was to search old godot versions to look a bit the code and binary, just to waste the time a little bit

i just realized dat godot 1.0 is the unique to no have binaries and got gles1, making possible old pc users and old mobile gamers to run... lets say.. games... "smooth"
for curiosity i downgrade my python/and/pywin, mingw64 and scons (to today just for this) [im using windows/python2.7.8/scons2.4.1/mingw64-5.3.0]

i just compiled the 1.1 version with sucess like any other version, but the 1.0 (stable) version i just get errors, doesnt matter the commandline, or mingw64/python/scons (tested with 3 of each, updated and downgraded 2 times) version
i know dat who is new/novice in programming, to learn more, ppls get a "problem" and try to solve and fix by themselfs
but- the 1.0 version, stable, is really easily "compilable"?

i didnt find nothing about this in the google,docs are deleted and i find just a sourceforge with old godot engine binaries, throw them in "virustotal" just for sure but no one running

in debug mode i got windows error 1 (just this, nothing more to read, errors probably)
in release_debug i got a error 127 windows C:\windows....\cmd.exe invalid argument
no speaking about the errors and warnings during/through the compile process

while im writing this im compiling more one time but i tried to modify the source a little bit, to try to resolve :/

thx for read ;S and sry for my english if i wrote something wrong xD

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