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Debugging Godot

tcrasstcrass Posts: 30Member
edited March 2019 in Programming

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to debug a certain issue in Godot (see, but I just cant get breakpoints to work properly in the IDEs I tried out. As already described in the issue report, I followed the instructions at for setting up KDevelop and QTCreator, but I still have the following problem(s):

  • KDevelop:

    • When some breakpoint gets hit, Godot halts as expected, but when reaching other breakpoints, KWin crashes and restarts (I'm on KDE running Debian/Stretch). For instance, Godot halts at a breakpoint set in modules/mobile_vr/MobileVRInterface::_bind_methods(), but causes a crash with a breakpoint set in MobileVRInterface::get_render_targetsize()
  • QTCreator:

    • I obviously have difficulties telling the IDE where to find header files -- I've got tons of "unkown type name" and "use of undeclared identifier" errors, even after including godot.includes into the project.
    • As with KDevelop, not all breakpoints work. A breakpoint in modules/mobile_vr/MobileVRInterface::_bind_methods() (as mentioned above) causes Godot to halt, but a breakpoint in MobileVRInterface::get_render_targetsize() seems to just get ignored.

Any help on how to get breakpoints working appreciated!

Cheers --

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