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Creating Characters with Interchangeable Clothing and Armor

dustindustin Posts: 8Member

So I've been messing around with Godot's 3D engine for a couple weeks now. I've created some scenes, imported Meshes, used PBR textures, and even got my characters to animate, collide, and move around smoothly. I'm on to my next challenge: Clothing

Sometimes my characters will be wearing some type of chain mail, and other times plate, or just a tunic. Most RPGs have a way of rendering your character with a certain type of armor. I realize the brute force way is to render a version of all of my characters wearing their various armor types. Obviously, I don't want to do that - especially if I'm mixing and matching armor types(e.g. Plate Chest, mail arms, and leather gloves). So...

What is the best approach for creating Interchangeable clothing and armor for 3D characters? Before I create my own system I want to know, First: Is there already a really easy way to do this in Godot that I'm unaware of(e.g. Unity's UMA system)? If not, what is the best approach? And what have other people done to solve this problem?

My Current Approach
Right now, the approach I'm taking is using a 3D Model with multiple surface areas so that I can set different textures to imply clothing, mail, Gambeson, etc. If that's not good enough, (which I'm pretty sure it won't be) I think I'll create a 3D model where I can try to rip off areas like a hand and replace it with an entirely different mesh like a glove during runtime - and hope there's a way I can do it without ruining the rigging for my animations.

I would appreciate any insight the community can offer. Even cautionary tales of failed attempts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • emo10001emo10001 Posts: 152Member

    While I don't have this in my pipeline currently...I will soon. So I'm interested in this as well :)


  • emo10001emo10001 Posts: 152Member

    @dustin Have you seen this? Not sure if it helps. Maybe in the right direction?


  • dustindustin Posts: 8Member

    @emo10001 thanks for responding.

    That is a pretty good, concise demonstration of one approach for weapons. And not something I knew how to do, so thanks for posting.

    But I don't think it's the ideal solution for armor. Armor, ideally, should replace the skin, not attach to it. Otherwise, the engine has to spend time rendering both, and then culling the skin. Or worse, it can run the risk of clothing and armor clipping each other.

    I've since decided to take on a massive project to see if there's a way to solve this to give an easy option for everybody. Here's the link to my latest devlog if you're interested.

  • newmodelsnewmodels Posts: 158Member

    You might try hiding or deleting the vertices under the clothing item. The clothing item has it's own rigging and is animated at the same time as the human rig. With the vertices deleted at the clothing items location. If you can hide them that would be best.

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