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How do you make a cutscene in Godot?


I've looked everywhere... guides on this just don't exist.
What I'm looking for is a something relatively simple: player walks 'into' the cutscene, loses control of their controls, and some animations/ dialogue plays out. After this they can carry on playing as normal.
Have any of you made a successful cutscene like this? What would be the best way of going about this? Do you know how people achieve this in other game engines?
Thanks so much in advance.

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  • TheVoiceInMyHeadTheVoiceInMyHead Posts: 3Member

    Hi there,

    I'm also new to godot, but this is how I'd approach it: create an Area2D, when your player gets to that area (body_enter) load a new scene (the cut-scene). When this scene finishes (maybe a timer node?) re-load the original scene.

    I hope the above helps.

  • Milan DavidovicMilan Davidovic Posts: 1Member


    I've been experimenting recently with a cutscene system. I use an AnimationPlayer for cutscenes. When the player enters an area, player input is disabled and a non-loopable animation for a given AnimationPlayer node is played. The animation can use multiple tracks to animate scene objects properties, the camera, play other animations and call script functions for things like starting a dialogue (I have functions which start a modal dialogue which pause a cutscene which is resumed after the dialogue is finished, or a non-modal one which runs along with the cutscene).

    Take a look at this screenshot of an example animation I use.


    Yeah similar ideas. Good job on that. It sounds pretty ideal... For now I ought to stick to smaller tasks but will definately keep this strategy in mind, thanks. If you have a video of it I'd be really interested in seeing it in action, don't go out of your way to though.
    Thanks again

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