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Beat(Stab?) em Up game

NWallenNWallen Posts: 4Member
edited September 2019 in Projects
Called Roza's Rapier I wanted to try a cross between a beat em up with the stage selection of megaman. When a level is beaten you learn a new move but the enemies get harder. Some also get new moves, some get faster etc. After the 1st 3 levels are beaten then the final level is unlocked.
I created a pass-code system for it ,I know useless in this current age but it was fun to create. Had Godot generate random pass-codes for all possible stage beaten states (2^3, 8 in this case) and place them in an array. Then used bit-wise operations to match the codes to a stage beaten state.
Still working of Sounds,editing hit boxes and maybe changing some enemies but the game is completely playable.


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  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    edited September 2019

    Can't run in opera 63.0.3368.94, I could be wrong but I think opera reports the OpenGL version wrong there.

    edit: nevermind, I manage to track it down to my script blocker not showing me something it was blocking, alowing the whole page, tracking and all got it to work. Still not sure what exactly it was blocking though.

  • elektroskepticelektroskeptic Posts: 2Member

    Hey, I'm making the same type of game, can you say how you implemented the movement zone? Collision shapes to limit it? My player also has jumps, and I don't know how to combine this type of movement with jumps...

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