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[WIP] Autoplayer, AudioServer experiments and visual helpers

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During my learning process, i did some cool experiments using audio within godot. i know very well that i will touch the limit of the Godot's internal audio at one point, but i am very curious to see by myself pushing this project as far as i can.

i really want to test some MIDI as well (if someone has experienced it, let me know) and see what is about the potencial of using Godot to create "Audio/Midi games".

if you are curious too, i invite you to download the demo and project files :

This version works with Godot 3.1 !
Github repository: AutoPlayer

UPDATE 19/10/19:
Two new modules are up to be updated today:

  • A full player with a bunch of FX and treatments
  • A waveform generator with synchro

Also, i did understand how the bus system is working (very nicely) and how to set effects, where to find the possible combos and how to send those params to my controllers. i was always looking for complicate coding and channels.. as at the end the easiest option was the best one :) as always !
The spectrum node is very nice too, i just start with it but seems to be sufficient for most of the level control and band analysis.

i was very surprised how fast i could build the UI, (i am used to do it in c++ without editor), i suppose i will continue to do so because of the joy i had to play with the nodes and this very intuitive and pretty interface.
Don't ask me if it is a game =)

Anyway, there is many things to do , and my plan is to go step by step, learn the bases and the advanced features of godot and its audio section. I will update this topic in the future, to keep traking of the educational process.


EDIT: The long term project looks like this ;) at the moment...

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