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[WIP] AlphaOS, a mini OS developed with Godot... Open to contributions !

urieluriel Posts: 59Member

Hi, another project started ! a mini OS :)

to give you a brief history...
years ago, i was part of an international project called "One Laptop per child"
and i was teaching kids from school how to do programming from 9 to 14 years old... very interesting experience !

Some times later, i had build our own school program (computer education) using the well known app: Scratch
this application is amazing and the kids loved it ! they learnt the logic very fast and we started to work on UI design...
at final, we came up with a mini OS , fully made with Scratch blocs :)

Right now, i took the time to look how to do the same in godot, could be a new educational tool for students.
and i came up with this project ;)

this is the repo where you will find all the project files and more...
Github: Here

if someone is interested to get his hand into it, it can be a large collection of educational material,as well as a good final project for your students, childrens, etc... who wish to learn programming ;)

Have a good day :) bye

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