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Carbonated Arkanoid

JohnRexJohnRex Posts: 1Member
edited November 2019 in Projects

Classic well-known game with new face!

Platform: Android
Genre: Arcade

Game at Google Play

Demolish colorful bricks by breaking them with your ball, but be cearful — don't lose it! Be aware of bubbles, they can be disturbing. No unsuitable swipes, just two classic buttons - "left" and "right". 6 different power-ups and lot of bubbles! Game has not very big amount of levels at this point, but dozens of levels will be added soon.

This is my first fully completed project, I just wanted to go all the way from idea to published game. It took around 2 weeks. I used free font and sounds, and alomost all graphics made myself. Hope it looks and feels comfy for players.

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