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About creating OpenSource Creative worlds . .

So, I have some ideas for cool worlds, and game characters and, I was thinking about making them entirely openSource, I mean there are world descriptions, detailed character descriptions, 3D models, and so on . . But, I don't want to create a ' franchise ', the ideas I have are less ' me ', and I feel should belong to everyone, with access to animations, anything they want, under the condition they do not change those core ideas, like for instance I have an idea for mummy, like an Egyptian mummy, but I want to sort of try and create a universal, common mythos, that I don't own, so everybody else can tell stories, using Godot and Blender, opensource programs, to tell those stories . . But, what I want to do is create a sort of character-portrait, of their motivations, goals, and specific design elements, such as the mummy looking brown, to dark grey, and having certain features, that can't be changed, but things like clothing, how it dresses and, other details are open for interpretation . . It's because I am interested in creating strong archetypes, and making universal versions, of the various genres, and creatures we see in media, but instead of greedily making them, and only having them for myself, I was wondering if any-one could be interested in such a thing, working together, to create a sort of universal set of characters, that are ' opensource ', where you have all the descriptions of looks, behavior, etc etc and, can then start telling stories you want, about them . . I think it's frustrating that the current model is, I make a franchise, some stories, and then they're mine, no one else can use them . . The ideas I have for characters are so universal, and valid that I feel it would be better to do it this way, in some special cases, such as making the ' essential ' mummy, making a detailed character portrait, physical description, create the initial 3D model, but after that let everybody who wants to use them, do so, under the conditions they do not change the things that are set, for instance if the mummy can make you ' wither ', or rot by touching another person, that this aspect never changes, some things are set, fixed . . But, if someone wants to tell a story, where a firefighter goes up against it, or someone else wants about police officer, then can use the character as much as they want, as long as they do not change the core ' principles ' of those characters . .

I understand very well that most games will be owned by the makers, since it takes a lot of effort, to make them, but right now I am saddened, that when someone has made a really good ' mummy ' version, like in movies, that no one else can use them, not ever or there are copyright issues . . I feel this is contrary to making a character, that one wants other people to enjoy, and perhaps tell their own stories with, or about . .

I realize this is a very big discussion, and if this feels wrong, in any way, I hope you will delete this post, I wanted to create some characters, that load as standard into a game engine, like Godot, as a template, with AI, animations, models, and various abilities, and then anybody can start telling epic, and amazing stories, with those assets . . It's happened as I've put a lot of detail, into some characters, and I realize I don't feel ' good ' about making them ' mine ' only, I want other people to be able to use them, and make their own games about them, to express how they feel about them, in particular the archetypes, like zombies, mummies, liches, revenants . . Of course other people can make their particular version, if they don't want them, or really care, but I think it could be cool to make certain characters I've invented that way, as I feel it's bad that the really cool things, once made in movies, or games means other people can't do that, or get very close, without it being restricted by copyright . . It's only because I've created characters I feel are so strong, and universal, that I feel it would be almost bad, to keep them to myself, prevent others from using them, then . . This doesn't prevent others from copyrighting as much as they want, of whatever they make, and for many games I have ideas for, I'll do that myself . . I just have some characters I feel are so well ' universal ', I don't want to do that, they are more like ' ideas ', that represent things in human nature, and I want other people to be able to talk about them, as they want, without restrictions . . I know this is really wild, and I don't expect people to like this, but I want to open a discussion, since I've made characters that represent stuff like ' depression ', ' anxiety ', ' OCD ', and they're based on a very scientific, and basically universal things, like diseases, science, diagnosis, so on . . And, if other people want to make games about things that are so common, I don't think it's really for me to copyright those things, and prevent others from using them, if that makes sense . .

I know this is wild, I'm very sorry, I know it might be shocking, since we're so used to think in terms of ' getting a copyright ', and owning things, keeping them to ourselves, for profit, self - interest . . I normally think that way, as an artist, but I've come into this conflict with a few characters I've created, since they're so universal, I don't think it's ' moral ' to say only I can use them, since they belong to humanity, as ' archetypes ', ' universal ' ideas . . I don't think things that are so universal, that anyone can relate to them, and ' be ' them, understand them should belong to any one person, or business . . Truth is, I feel bad about it, but this is breaking new ground, it's very new, unheard of . . I would like to create some characters, that I've already got detailed very clearly, so they could become a sort of platform, so if you want to create a mummy game, you can select ' create 3D mummy game ' in a game engine, free of charge, with characters, animations, character profiles, and motivations . . And, then let people create their own story, or fictions about them . . I know this is wild, sorry . .

Do you ever feel that way about something you create, that it's so good, you want others to have it, for free, so long as they don't change the core idea, but can do whatever they want with, after that point . . I think certain things should belong to humanity, not individuals, or corporations . .

ps. Godot rocks, It's awesome - - $

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