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Godot 4 Physx

stuartiannaylorstuartiannaylor Posts: 4Member
edited November 2019 in General Chat

Just wondering how Physx is coming on with the next version?

There is a c# wrapper that is almost complete.

Please don't create a subset like unity have and make it complete :)
Especially PhysX PxVehicle the above typically seems complete apart from PxVehicleDriveTank which is of personal interest.
Ce La Vie and all that :)

Just as feedback currently a Unity noob but Godot 4.0 with Vulcan and PhysX is of much interest.


  • wombatstampedewombatstampede Posts: 171Member

    PhysX = FleX ? (Nvidia)
    Somebody (Andrea Catania) did a godot build with NVIDIA FleX.

    However as far as I understood this won't be merged with the main branch of godot because FleX isn't open source.

  • Cloth is part of it, think its been in since 3.3 but since PhysX went opensource I think 4.1 is coming to Godot 4.0 rather than bullet.
    I just wondered what and also if the PxVehicleDriveTank from the vehicle module is included as that looks like a thin and performant method.

  • ADisibioADisibio Posts: 7Member

    What are the advantages of PhysX? What makes it worth the extra development time?

    And would PhysX be worse than bullet on some platforms? (Android, AMD Gpus, etc)?
    Does it degrade the performance at all on non Nvidia hardware?

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    edited November 2019

    Only GPU would be faster(on higher end GPUs anyways), and that only runs on Nvidia GPUs. Physics running on CPU would be slower with PhysX than with either Havok or Bullet. And godot already utilizes Bullet.

  • Supposedly in Godot 4.0

    There are many issues with Bullet that are difficult to solve, and also PhysX came out as open source, so i guess will need to reevaluate everything.

    — Juan Linietsky (@reduzio) January 13, 2019

    PhysX GPU based has been sort of dead for quite a while as its implementation would require Nvidia only machines.
    Godot has a plugable physics system just doesn't have a plugin for havoc but unlikely due to its PayIn/ Proprietary nature.
    With the above like Juan Linietsky says "There are many issues with Bullet that are difficult to solve"

    So CPU based PhysX is looking likely Godot mainstream.

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