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NetworkedMultiplayerENet Distributed Authoritative Servers

Just a really noob question (probably) about hybrid P2P modes mainly why not?

For a while now I have wondered if possible why isn't a hybrid P2P/DGS networking provided via distributed Authoritative servers of a partition gamespace.
Where distributed P2P client/servers act authoritatively for the dynamic objects and players of a specific partition of game space.
All clients connect to a remote server and each server based on network and hardware performance will connect to X clients.

Only just started looking over the Godot NetworkedMultiplayer and still digesting information that may take time to sink in.
Reading through though once more the above question popped into my head of why is game network topology often a black & white choice of peer2peer or dedicated game server.

So my question is it possible to partition a single game space dynamic objects across a series of authoritative servers?

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