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What happened to the EventPlayer?

I'm a big fan of module format audio. I was searching for XM playback in Godot, which led me to this outdated documentation page:
Attempting to visit the 3.1 equivalent to this page leads to a 404, and the only other reference to the EventPlayer I could find suggests that it was removed from the engine some time after 2.1.

I just think this is a shame because modules allow you to get amazing quality music with minuscule file sizes.

So why was the event player removed? Was it incompatible with later changes to the engine? Did it not work on certain platforms? Was it too unpopular?


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin

    I can't recall why it might have been removed if it was but likely must have had some issues then. You could look into integrating a external mod library via GDNative as an alternative though.

  • nitrofuranonitrofurano Posts: 66Member

    not only xm/mod/s3m/it/etc. is missing, that would be great having vgm format supported as well

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