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Shmellyorc - Survival Game (no game name yet)

shmellyorcshmellyorc Posts: 6Member
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hundreds of ppl told me on my stream to post here instead of Godot discord lol. So here I am!

A little about myself: I have been programming over 15 years and about 8+ years in game development. I have made games from consoles all the way to computer games. Before Godotengine I was making games using monogame (all from scratch!). I have made multiplayer games with Godot engine and monogame.

One of my games in on the Godot website show case, called shipwreck, can find it here:

The Project: I am making a survival game in Godot Engine. All code, art, and game design is done by myself. Sound and soundfx I pay royalties.

** Will update more info when closer to a release **

[2019-12-07] Combat done:

[2019-12-05] Currently getting combat into the game. pretty much done:

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