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Some concept art, for my new game ( warning : hot women present )

jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

So, first of all, this might not be safe for all, but it's just drawings, nothing special . . But, NSFW given, and maybe you want to look away if you're very young, this is for a new kind of Tomb Raider game, name is Belle Montfort, an explorer . .

I'm making a 3D model, that's really good, here are some pictures, to become the character, later . .

Now, I can only post 4 images in one post, so I'm making another, for the 3D model, that was the concept art, idea is to make the sexiest Tomb Raider, anyway . . She's not wearing under-wear, in the first picture, it's more like really revealing climbing shorts, she has underwear underneath, it's like biking shorts, in tour de france, sort of, not underwear . .

What do you think, is it okay, should I change things, make it better, what do you suggest . . Thanks


  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    Here is the 3D model, I've tried to mark where there are poles, either 3-way, or 5-way, there are even a few 6-way poles, on the hands, between the fingers, somewhere . . I want to import it into Godot, and make a game about it, but I can change the clothes, if it's too revealing, I'm only making this post because I can't have more than 4 images, I think . .

    If this is too revealing, for this website, please message me, so I can remove them, and never do that again, ever . .

    Also, what do you think, are they good, I did the best I could, I'm not good . .

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 2,561Admin

    If this is too revealing, for this website, please message me, so I can remove them, and never do that again, ever . .

    I'd say it is okay to post on the forums. While they are not as dressed as they could be, I'd say they are clothed enough that it doesn't fall into being unsafe for minors (it isn't any worse than the models seen on magazines in the grocery store). That said, that is just my opinion, the others on forum staff may feel differently. If it is obviously NSFW, the it is not allowed. I would use your judgement and if you feel something may be too NSFW for the forums, you can privately message one of us on forum staff for our opinion prior to posting.

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    Thank you, I want to start learning, watching videos, and reading stuff . . I would like an official recommendation, sort of, before I start, I get scared, rather easily, if I worry I'm not doing the right thing . . I've seen those youtube channels, and they seem nice, but I worry they make bad code, without knowing it, that scares me, like Hell . . I know, I'm somewhat neurotic, about it :(

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 928Moderator

    That model looks a little high poly for the detail level. You can probably cut it way down and still have it look decent. Also, the geometry on the face is a grid and won't animate well. I think the proportions are off, you might want to study some anatomy reference. Here is a wireframe from Overwatch so you can see how the topology should look.

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated
    edited January 2020

    I know, it's about 8000 polys, mine . . That's a really nice model, I like it . . I will later add better face topology, like eyes, and so on, but right now I'll just paint the face on, using textures, and model the nose, eyes, the rest later . . There are some nice images, I like online, like these . .

    Making a face is very complicated, I want to get it right, and I'll delete the ' blank ' face, replace it, with something good, in time . .

    I know it's not good, sorry . .

    I'm not a pro-modeller, just a beginner, and I don't think it's fair to expect me to just make a professional level 3D model, as my first attempt, and I don't think I could even do that, should I want to . . I don't want to be that good, right now, I've made a base model, that has good edge flow, around the entire model, and I will fine tune it, over time . . It's more like a base mesh, for adding a face to, later, down the line, I don't know, sorry . .

  • donaldharden422donaldharden422 Posts: 2Member

    wow those looks pretty good. what's your game name? is it launched now?

    We are a custom clothing manufacturers we offer promotional apparel service let us know if you can to market your game we have a huge clothing setup we just need your game logo to promote it and our clothing brand.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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