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Using C++ to build complete Games in Godot! -- a practical Steam Guide! :)

ProggerParrotProggerParrot Posts: 6Member
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Here I created a small Steam-Guide for you, where you can learn more about the Godot Engine and the possibilitys you have, when you want to build entire Games in C++. :)

All in all it is a complete Godot C++ playlist with currently 7 videos. Mainly everything was done in Window and Visual Studio 2019 / VSCode. But since I'm a crossplatform Developer on Linux and Windows, everybody should be able to copy the Workflow into another IDE or in another OS.

Everything is Opensource and free for download and use. There is also some room for optimizations and customization which you can do for your own workflow / DevEnviroment, but there you have to use some other resources or the Godot Docs too. For example I use all methods in one combined folder structure, and out of one workspace(VSCode)

I really hope that i can help you with the Guide, and that I don't harm any rules in this Forum.

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  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 928Moderator

    I haven't tried C++ w/ Godot yet but this looks like a helpful tutorial. Thanks.

  • novaleafnovaleaf Posts: 83Member
    edited January 2020

    wow that is awesome. I am doing everything in C#, but find myself wishing to know how the godot api calls I'm making work!

    I know I could probably get my answer quickly watching the videos, but @ProggerParrot do you know if, using your C++ technique, I could add functions that I could invoke from C#? marshalable or whatever. I haven't done native interop before so.... shrug

    edit: I think you answer that question in the first few tutorials with the 2 ways you mention. Thanks!

  • bloodlinebloodline Posts: 24Member

    Brilliant! Many thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

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