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A real dream.

JohynJohyn Posts: 69Member
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Comin to present you my project, long thought and dreamed, of an rpg/adventure game, set in an open world of low fantasy, after decades of playin the genre, without findin that mythic 'home'. There will be the spirit of the witcher in it, of vampires bloodlines and ultima, zelda, but more peaceful. And more sexy, porn even, but always with arts, (see the peasant quest, so inspirin). A game of seduction, but harsh survival also, along the classical drives of exploration, imersion, horror, mysteries and challenges,

And the boon is, got all my time to devote myself to it, bein disabled (but still playin ;)), and cut out from social life (with sadness and relief). All my time to explore and create it, tile by tile, playin with my psyche. :)

And i'm learnin, step by step also, what i need when i need it (thxs to the net and the comunity), havin already the basis to build my setin with visuals and sounds, upon a main structure of Area2Ds and CollisionShape2D (my best knowledge of Godot :)). The tuto of davidepesce is a great launcher for that kind of adventure.

Here's what i have achieve so far:

An AnimatedSprite2D for the psychedlic limbo of character creation, with a mini game to click our stats orientation. Workin to get the stats stored and displayed (not a lot about that eh, in Godot Docs or elsewhere).

The main travel map and GUI, its Sprite/FogOfWar, and all the tiles Sprites to configure for effects and events, more o less randomly.

First 'adventure' zone, with point and click gameplay, and stories to develop. Had to tinker also with the Area2Ds to manage the visual novel, but that seems manageable, though don't know with long twines.

That's it for now, a suivre. :)

Eh, bein a firm believer in the spirit of the open source and the free, of sharin, i got my project uploaded on Mega, and if anyone wanna check it for script, assets or ideas (or suggestion and tips eh), it's freely available there:!cdYmyCpJ!3Wk-ZAW1LfFGXd8dSr0nYEbDB-ldE7Ng080yuCvkWXE

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  • HippoHippo Posts: 99Member

    Always love to see fantasy RPG's! In terms of storing and displaying player stats, I'm not sure if it's the optimal strategy but for my game I have a global script with stats and info stored in a dictionary which means I can access it from any script to use or display the stored info. In terms of saving and loading saves I found the saving games page on the docs pretty useful.

    Looking forward to seeing more in future!

  • JohynJohyn Posts: 69Member

    Cheers! :) I'm already storin data on a global script, but without dictionary. What does it add?

  • HippoHippo Posts: 99Member

    @Johyn said:
    Cheers! :) I'm already storin data on a global script, but without dictionary. What does it add?

    I guess just neatness really. Depending on the complexity of your game you'll have a lot of data to store and a dictionary would make it more seamless to have a load/save function. Rather than adding every new variable to a function retroactively as you create them you can just pull the dictionary and catch them all.

  • JohynJohyn Posts: 69Member

    I see. That's good to know, let's see first if i can make it works without...

  • JohynJohyn Posts: 69Member
    edited March 2020

    A lot of progress in my exploration/building. Some of my encounters:

    (Spoiler Warning: Adult/Suggestive content! Not suitable for all audiences)

    And more seducing:


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