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New Planar Reflection Plugin for Godot 3.2!

SIsilicon28SIsilicon28 Posts: 693Moderator
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Hello fellow Godot users! I decided to make another contribution to the plugin library before resuming work on my game "Code Cube".
This new plugin adds planar reflections to your project. It's made with simplicity in mind. Just add a node, resize it, give it a material and you're good to go! Put in as many as you want, or until your PC catches on fire. Hopefully the latter doesn't happen. :P

The plugin will soon be available in the asset library. I hope you find this useful. :)

Oh! And shoutouts to JFons for sharing his mirror example. This wouldn't have been possible without his work. :)

Metallic surface
Water Shader using a PlanarReflector

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