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Marathon Match 3

tx350ztx350z Posts: 10Member
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Too cold and wet to do anything in my wood shop so I decided to spend the last month building a game. After much research I settled on Godot. Congrats to everyone involved in creating and maintaining Godot. Good work!

Disclaimer: This is my first Godot project and my first attempt at a game. My goal is to make the game available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Web.

The proof-of-concept phase is done. There is a considerable amount of work to do before it is finished. You can find the PoC web version here: I'll leave this up until Mar 1, 2020.

Now I am wondering if it is worth the time investment to finish it. I have several questions:

1) While loading, there is a very long delay (7-10 seconds) between the spinning wheel and the main page. I assume this is due to initializations, etc. How do I speed this up and how do I display something to let the user know the app isn't hung?

2) How to monetize the game. I am aware of the admob plugin but that is only helpful on Android/iOS. What options exist for the web version?

3) The game causes Firefox on my Android to crash with an error about WebGL context being lost. Is this just a memory issue or possibly a timeout (see 1 above)?

Any info or feedback is welcome.

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