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Path2D in 3.2 Issues

beanpuffsbeanpuffs Posts: 7Member

Just started on a project and am looking at using Path2Ds to draw curves- Only hang-up is that Path2Ds in general seem to be busted right now, just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.

I tried using the script at the bottom of this post and it did nothing despite the one comment saying it did- unsure it ever worked.
Then I tried to just draw a polyline based on the baked Curve2D points from a Path2D without any other steps and where I would've expected to get a PoolVector2D from either .get_baked_points() or .tesellate() I did not receive any. I also tried seeing if I had to call update() to receive anything- no go. And of course, yes I did make a shape with the Path2D.

Then I decided to just test Path2D as intended so I added a PathFollow2D and added a simple script that incremented the unit_offset between 0 and 1 a little every frame- changing the unit_offset worked fine in the editor but upon running this the PathFollow2D just sat in place which I thought was odd considering I had just watched a video that basically did the same thing and had it worked.

Just me or are Path2Ds working funny in 3.2? If they're fine then I'd appreciate a little help with the first thing I was doing.

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  • beanpuffsbeanpuffs Posts: 7
    Accepted Answer

    As if by magic, all my problems just resolved. Phantom points!!!


  • beanpuffsbeanpuffs Posts: 7Member

    So, turns out for some reason my Path2D's path had been showing me phantom points till just a second ago. Added new points and now PathFollow2D works, just like it should have been. ???

  • beanpuffsbeanpuffs Posts: 7Member
    Accepted Answer

    As if by magic, all my problems just resolved. Phantom points!!!

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 928Moderator

    See if you can reproduce in a simple project and maybe file a bug report if you think it's a bug.

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