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Empire 40k Rogue Like MK 1

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Hey everybody, had a chance today to make a HTML front end for an old but dear project to me. This was written in Godot 3.0. It gets errors when I try to convert it over to newer versions. So, I'm going to refactor the game soon.

Empire 40k mk 1 the game is the first iteration of my rogue like. It's definitely a work in progress. I still need to implement a quest system, clean it up etc.. It's playable now if you guys want to check it out. I used the excellent dungeon crawl sprites linked below for the character sprites. I drew the building and tree sprites on paper and scanned them lol.

The game's just desktop/web based at this point so you will need a keyboard and a mouse prolly at least a 17 inch monitor too lol.
******Arrow keys move.
W,A,S,D keys attack in the various directions******

You might need to click on the game screen too.

You can go to the south to gear up in the village then build some soldiers to follow you around and help out. There's a few areas to explore at this point. Bandit camp and Orc cave to the North. Dragon Mountain to the West. Level up speed and hp in the village at the trainer. Get healed by the healer in the village.

Would appreciate any feed back, quest ideas, features that you think would be cool, etc..

Here's the game intro/infographic

Empire 40k MK 1 Rogue Like

Play Here:

Free Assets Used:×32-tiles

Welcome to Empire 40K.

It is 40K years in the future. A great catastrophe has decimated the world
Magic has returned to the land. You awaken in the forest being attacked by mutated orcs. What do you do?

Do you run to the village and gear up? Will you recruit soldiers to help you in your quest? Pick up rare and interesting armor and weapons along the way. Can you find the Dragon helm and Dragon armor?

Gear up and go forth to defeat the Orc Cave.

Then venture through the Orc infested woods.

Can you defeat the Dragons and their henchmen the Draconians in the Dragon Caves?

The choice is yours In EMPIRE 40K

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  • MANDREWSMANDREWS Posts: 16Member
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    Hey Everybody. Here's teh second iteration of Empire 40k the game. I made my building assets in Gimp with the built in textures a while ago. I've been incorporating the angular stuff I did in Gimp with the more organic hand drawn stuff. I think it's coming out pretty well.

    I implemented a quest system but took out the ability to build henchmen on the fly. I'm thinking about having a barracks building in towns where you can recruit different characters. I'm going to put Empire 40k the game Mk2 up soon for you guys after I make a play through video and add music.

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