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3D/Artist looking for work

Hello, my name is Ace the SuperVillain. I made Flash games for many years, I'm interesting in working in Godot. I used to make pixel art, I have mostly moved on to 3D. I'm a little familiar with programming, but not enough that I feel comfortable making an entire game on my own. I generally don't make environment assets, any background stuff you see is modeled and textured by other artists, but arranged by me.

The main thing I've been working on lately is my Acheron Series, a collection of fantasy or sci-fi races that all use a standardized rig and body structure so they can mix and match assets like outfits, hairstyles and weapons. You can view this collection on or

Here are a few game engines I've been working on:
Twin-Stick Scrolling Shooter:
Twin-Stick Brawler Dungeon Crawler:

This was my most recent hard-modeling project:
Here was a multi-week cutscene animation:
Here was a couple of hours cutscene animation:

Animating emotional transitions:


Here are some old 2D games that I made:

You can try my old Flash games here: Be aware that the most recent game, Knarf's Quest, is NSFW, but the other games are safe. If you click on my Art section, most of that will be NSFW.

By the way, all the music you hear in any of my games was written by me. I haven't written any new music for years, but I do have a large catalog of songs available. They are written as MIDI and converted to MP3 using Sound Fonts.

I'm an okay writer as well. Here's a short story I wrote recently for a table top wargaming community:


  • AcetheSuperVillainAcetheSuperVillain Posts: 21Member

    If you're afraid to program in 3D, I can make sprite sheets from 3D models. Here are some graphics I made for an RPGMaker game.
    Map Sprites:

    An experimental higher res map sprite:

    Combat Sprites:

    Here are some maps I set up for RPG Maker. Like I said before, I don't model the map assets I just arrange them:

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin

    Excellent looking work, good luck!

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 928Moderator

    Looks awesome!

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    Fantastic, nice cats in space :)

  • AcetheSuperVillainAcetheSuperVillain Posts: 21Member

    I'd also be interested to work with anyone who makes Godot tutorials. I feel like there's a big lack of Godot tutorials for 3D skeletal animation.

  • AcetheSuperVillainAcetheSuperVillain Posts: 21Member

    I would especially love to do a twin-stick dungeon crawler type game, if anyone is also interested in that. I'm thinking games like Neon Chrome, Juicy Realm, Enter the Gungeon, Feral Fury, NeuroVoider, Starward Rogue, etc. I know enough programming to do a combat system, but not stuff like randomizing a dungeon and equipment drops and stuff. That kind of thing has always been a major headache for me.

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated

    IF you want to get started with Godot using Visual script, here's how you call an animation without using code . .

    Here's how I made a TPS controller, with no code, just visual script ( drag-and-drop box coding ) . .

    Over time, you will need more advanced solution, but for getting started, it's really helpful, for proto-typing . . .

    Here's my game right now, didn't use code, it's quite easy, effort-less . . .

    You just drag and drop boxes, in visual scripting, it's not very advanced, to really use Godot you will need to learn code, but you can set up a controller, make an environment using StaticBody nodes, on meshes, and have a playable game in like 4 - 6 days, no effort . . Be warned, you will have to learn code at some point, to really use Godot, visual scripting is more for proto-typing, early phase . . . . :( <3

  • AcetheSuperVillainAcetheSuperVillain Posts: 21Member

    I can code. I used to code Flash games. Here's something I've been coding:

    It's just that coding (and more so math) is not what I'm good at and not what I like to do.

  • DemiBoiiDemiBoii Posts: 8Member

    I plan on making some tutorial series for Godot's 3D capabilities. If you are still interested in working with someone to make those happen, then hit me up. :smile:

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