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Can anyone fix this shader problem for me? (Answered)

MentirasMentiras Posts: 37Member
edited April 2020 in Shaders

So I found this "portal" shader on youtube and hacked it together as best as I could. What I would like it to do is to keep the animation within the sprite, currently, it does not. I tried to get some help from another youtube shader guy (the original author has been mia for 2 years) but I have not been able to get the results I am looking for =/

    shader_type canvas_item;

    uniform float timescale = 0.5;

    uniform sampler2D normal;

    void fragment(){

        NORMAL = texture(normal,UV).rgb * vec3(2.0,-2.0,1.0) - vec3(1.0,-1.0,0.0);
        float PI = 3.14159265358979323844;

        vec2 shifted_UVs = UV - vec2(0.5,0.5);

        vec2 angle_offset = vec2(cos(TIME*timescale)*0.6, sin(TIME*timescale)*0.6);
        float angle = 0.5*atan(shifted_UVs.x+angle_offset.x, shifted_UVs.y+angle_offset.y)/PI;

        float wave_amplitude = 0.01;
        float wave_number = 1.0;
        float radius = length(shifted_UVs)+cos(TIME*2.1)*cos(angle*wave_number*PI+TIME)*sin(angle*wave_number);

        vec2 polar_TCs = vec2(radius*2.0, angle + 0.5);

        vec2 screen_radius = vec2(0.02);
        vec2 screen_angle = vec2(radius*radius*cos(TIME+angle*wave_number*PI*2.0), radius*radius*sin(TIME+angle));

        vec2 screen_polar_SSCs = SCREEN_UV+vec2(screen_angle*screen_radius);

        vec4 screen_texture = texture(SCREEN_TEXTURE, screen_polar_SSCs);
        vec4 sprite_texture = texture(TEXTURE, polar_TCs);

        if(radius < 0.5){
            if (sprite_texture.a < 0.25){
                COLOR.rgba = screen_texture.rgba;
                COLOR.rgba = sprite_texture.rgba;


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin

    You should perhaps link to the youtube videos you are talking about.

  • MentirasMentiras Posts: 37Member

    That's where I asked for help, and I tried but could not figure it out.
    and I could not find the original link, but ill keep looking and update if I do.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,580Admin
    edited March 2020

    Aha, there we go, finally a comprehensible question(as in, clearly presenting the problem, or perhaps I just misread the first post):

    So I found this portal shader on youtube and hacked it together as best as I could. What I'd like it to do is make the animation all contained inside the sprite I use (in this case the godot logo) what it does is animates and cuts off at the edges of the sprite.

    change line 12 to:

                    vec2 shifted_UVs = (UV - vec2(0.5,0.5)) * 2.0;
  • MentirasMentiras Posts: 37Member

    here is the original

  • MentirasMentiras Posts: 37Member

    Thank you very much. That was exactly what I was looking for =)

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