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Totally Shmup

EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 4Member
edited May 2020 in Projects

I've released a small very early development version of Totally Shmup on

The idea behind Totally Shmup is to create a Shmup where you travel from planet to planet saving the inhabitants. The game will switch between vertical (space travel), multi-directional (above planet) and horizontal (flying across the planet). The aim is to make each playthrough different by having enemies appear in randomly chosen waves.

Currently I'm working on finishing the Vertical stages

All feedback / suggestions / constructive criticism welcome please :-)


  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 4Member

    Version 0.1.2 Update

    3 Bosses added
    Tutorial now separate
    Colour changes
    Bug Fix - Certain text scaled incorrectly (changing window to 4x fixed it)

  • uzantouzanto Posts: 5Member

    I don't know if it's my system but the audio doesn't work, if isn't implemented you should, help a lot with the user feedback, and also adding some explosions and effects.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 4Member

    There’s no audio yet - coming soon. I probably should have put some simple effects in for now, but just wanted to get feedback on the gameplay before I think about sound :-) I’m starting learning about animations and particles today. Once I’ve got 0.1.3 released I’ll look into sound.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 4Member
    edited June 2020

    Version 0.1.3 Update

    Sound finally added!
    Animations too - particle explosions.
    Coming Soon: Balancing, Checkpoints, Scoring and Scrolling Backgrounds.

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