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Flappy bird clone

edforxedforx Posts: 11Member
edited May 2020 in Projects

Hello fellow forumers,

As a beginner with Godot I believe that every beginner should create some basic games before jumping into more serious projects. The first game should take somewhere between a few days and 2 weeks to develop or approximately 40 hours. This is why today I started this.

I'm using bird sprites from Mantis.

Here's some sneak peek.

I didn't create a lazy version of flappy bird where the height of the screen is fixed and there are some pipes coming towards you while you're moving only on the Y coordinate for a good number of reasons - extending in the future. This is the reason there are clouds above and on the bottom. If you go too far right, the clouds gonna catch you and you will eventually die.

If you ask me why the birb goes to the left instead of right - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, a shameless self-promotion - you can follow me on twitter @edforx

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  • GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 74Member

    this is a good project to start with as you learning and progressing with godot.
    good luck with your project.

    most of the people are too lazy to even start working on something simple. they didnt realize its not that simple at all. since it has endless object generation and physic mechanics that needs to be implanted...

    in other words, this project will give you good knowledge about godot..

    Good luck!

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