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Drag-and-drop asset repository

MirceaKitsuneMirceaKitsune Posts: 43Member

Godot already features a Templates section that lets you browse examples of various little game demos. It does not seem to contain a prefabs system for individual items though; Smaller pieces such as "a textured couch with working material" or "a house with interactive doors" or "a robot that wanders around and makes a noise while walking". Having an easy way to drag-and-drop functional models to your scene from an online repository would make development much easier for many... further more the system can automatically credit each asset by storing the author and license and link to each part you embed a copy of in your project. Any plans or thoughts on implementing a freebie asset "store" with the existing template system?


  • MirceaKitsuneMirceaKitsune Posts: 43Member
    edited May 2020

    There is in fact precisely such an asset library, part of the same database as the Godot startup menu ( The issue seems to be that when opening Godot itself, only the "Templates" "Projects" and "Demos" categories are visible: That website allows access to these but also other groups, like "2D / 3D Tools" or "Materials". Are those categories hidden by default on purpose or is this a bug?

    [EDIT] I am a fool. The other categories do show up when looking at the Asset Library from an open game project. Sorry for being such a newbie, I shall look more deeply first before asking a question.

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