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For Android.


Hi! I'm Jordi, a game developer with an artistic side, I like to make videogames and art!
Code and graphics of this game are made by me, audios and music are from other artists.
This has been done during the quarantine, trying to make the most of this increase in free time.


This is the first game I make with the Godot engine.
Just released it and I wanted to share it here.
I wanted to thank the developers and the people in this community, because making this game was great, fun and mostly painless! just like game development should be!
I was pretty comfortable with the engine right from the start.
Had some problems, like having to migrate from GLES3 to GLES2, but it was kinda my fault for not testing it in a real device until some late development stages.


Some screenshots of the game.


It is said that there is an ancient arcade machine that can open a portal to hell, an arcade hell where everything is allowed, where you can unleash all your fury and adrenaline without being judged, eliminating hellish creatures that will try to defeat you.

Although you may be surprised to find that this arcade hell is not as empty as it seemed, and you end up discovering other facets of that special hell.

Immerse yourself in a compelling story, with good music, unexpected dialogues, humour, drama, tension, violence, and frantic gameplay where your reflexes will be tested.

What the hell(cade) are you waiting for?


You can play it here:

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