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Space station 13

GoldenDuckFloatsGoldenDuckFloats Posts: 4Member
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I want to know if anyone is interested in remaking SpaceStation13 using the GoDot engine. If the engine is more suited for 2D games, then SS13 would be the perfect candidate.

For those of you who don't know what Space Station 13 is:

What would be the minimal requirements for a playable version be?

  • Online play.

    We have Nakama to enable this.

  • A way for us and others to easily make Pixel-art and upload the sprite animation (6 perspectives will be needed for x,y and diagonal).

    We have Pixelorama, which itself is running on the GoDot engine.

  • Within the game, have a way for the host server to automatically or manually assign roles based on a player's preference. If there aren't any available positions, the assignment is random.

    The minimal roles we can start with are: Janitor, Security, Traitor, Clown.
    Janitor: Needs a sprite for a mop & bucket. Each time someone is hit, a bloody pixilated tile overlaps the one behind it. The mop and bucket are able to remove it. New conditions such as 'slippery wet-floor' can be added later, along with other new tools.
    Security: They all have guns. We should start by not having the bullets be locked to the tiles (D-pad movement) and allow the player to use the mouse to aim.
    Traitor: They are given the task to assassinate a particular player before time runs out. Each player has a name. This cannot be assigned to the Janitor or Clown unless these two roles can pick up weapons (Which requires the guns to be scattered around the ship).
    Clown: Has a horn that honks at people. To make it more interesting, let's have the chances of the Clown being the target of the Traitor increased to 1:3.

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