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Signum - v0.2.0 is out!

MintStudiosMintStudios Posts: 6Member

Hello everybody!
We've finally released Signum v0.2.0! It brings a lot to the table! We've added a few settings, themes, and a recent tab to sum it into a small sentence. I'm really happy to see there have been a few contributors!

If you would like, please contribute! I would love to grow this and add many new features, but more people helping would make it faster. It is made with the smoothest game engine of all that we all know and love - Godot!

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  • justinbarrettjustinbarrett Posts: 178Member

    This looks interesting...does it have a plugin system...more to the point, what languages will be supported?

  • MintStudiosMintStudios Posts: 6Member

    justinbarrett, I was thinking of this as a Godot script editor, as someone with 2 monitors, I don't feel comfortable on an external editor. The main reason for this is because of the signals, which I like to connect in the interface, and not in code. One of the future possibilities for Signum is the ability to use the node tree in the editor to connect signals and have them show up in the code. As I said, this is a possibility, and I have no idea how I would make it work.

  • MintStudiosMintStudios Posts: 6Member

    And no, it does not have a plugin system (Yet! Hopefully coming in the future.)

  • justinbarrettjustinbarrett Posts: 178Member

    OK, sounds good...I mean it makes sense...there are plenty of alternatives for covering a lot of different languages, but what people do not consider...if you just do can do that one language like nobody's business...(do one thing, and do it well / do many thins average).. Keep us updated.

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