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Tunnel RPS

ruirosarioruirosario Posts: 1Member

A simplistic twist of the Rock, Paper, Scissors concept. This game was created for three Game Jams that happened at the same time:

It also served as an experiment of using the Godot Engine for creating a game (source is available if you want to play around with it, but be warned that the implementation is far from ideal). I used Godot before (version 1.x, can't remember which exactly), but haven't used Godot since (although I kept following the development of the engine).

You can download an executable for your platform of choice or play it directly in the browser (both keyboard and gamepads are supported) over at

Font provided by Damien Gosset at

Although this is marked as W.I.P. it is mostly a prototype. The "Tunnel RPS" game itself won't be further developed, but it did give me a few ideas on how to build up on the concept, which I'll do as my next project. Feel free to comment on the current state as well as give suggestions on what you'd like to see in a future rendition of the concept, you can influence what comes out of this by doing so.

All feedback is appreciated!!

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