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Godot Programmer looking for work/part job

GogetaXGogetaX Posts: 74Member

Hello, my name is Sergio K. im using godot more than 1 year
i have few games that up and running,
made some android apps aswell.

i like 2d games - this is where im specializing at.
Top Down Games
Side Scrollers (platformers)
RPG games
unique Inventory item system
Story based games (Novel games)
has Little bit knowlage about multiplayer/online games aswell.

One game im mostly proud of:
i never finished it, but thats only shows what i can do..

im looking for payment on profit, such as: when the demo finished or when we start getting profit out of the project.
i consider it as a half job, i can work only about 1-2 hours a day, plus on weekends im free to work on the project as well.

if someone interested in my skills, please pm me with type of project you looking forward to share with me..

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